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Lounge ‘93 Kitchen & Cocktail Bar. “Lounge 93” for short. People always ask: what does that mean? And as it with all names, there is a story. And with all stories, there is a short answer and a long answer.

The short of it is this. A. we are a lounge that sells scratch food, cocktails, and wine.

And B: the two couples who own it were married in 1993.

But with all good stories, the extended version is where the heart of it lies. And that version has a recipe that is rich and sweet.
Take one young boy from West Virginia and transplant him in Waco. Add a mixture of two local kids. Immerse the three together at a local school and let them marinate until they become teenagers. Sprinkle in a touch of flair from Ohio and add it to the concoction. Stir it. Nurture it. Let it simmer until the right moment. And that moment was 1993.

In 1993 these four young people were married—the STANLEY’S (Donny and Kelda) in January; The MEDLIN’s (Sean and Stefanie) in August. Thus, bringing us the two couples who comprise the sole ownership of Lounge 93.

For almost thirty years these four built a life in the Waco area They cultivated their friendship with each other. They laid down roots and raised their families here. They built several successful businesses in the area, bringing hundreds of jobs to the Waco market. And not only did these two couples fall in love and stay in love with each other, but they have continued to love Waco.
Throughout the years these friends have been in the manufacturing, sales, service, retail, and food industries. Successfully conquering these mountains, they always wondered what it would be like to open a restaurant for themselves, with only their ideas from thirty years of experiencing, watching, and observing.

Questions began to form. A recipe of ideas was originating. Why wasn’t there a place that couples could go to sit and relax in a comfortable environment? Why wasn’t there a place that allowed you to tranquilly eat home-made plates alongside those romantics who just want to lounge with a glass of wine or an artfully-crafted cocktail? Why was it so hard to find a place that offered fresh appetizers, or even an after-date dessert coupled with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee? Why wasn’t there a scene for couples that stayed open past 9 PM? And the biggest question of all: why was there no place that catered to a calm and mature clientele who like to eat, drink, listen to calm music, and just relax in a cozy location? So many questions started to form the base of an idea.

If you can’t find it, you might as well make it. And that’s what they did. They found the best location in Waco—a new building overlooking the pond at Legends Crossing. Their vision is what it has been from the start: warm and quaint aesthetics; great music; full menu of eats and appetizers made fresh daily; inviting and relaxing environment; live music; crafted cocktails; great wines; local and national draft beer. And since they were on a roll, they added a rotating and sizeable lunch menu. They added a venue room for parties of 10-25. They added catering. They even added a VIP Club with added perks such as special menu items, discounts, and free glasses of wine. All with the Waco community in mind.

Well, that’s the long of it. (It is not easy summing up thirty years into a few paragraphs.) So, back to our name. Call us Lounge ‘93. Call us the Lounge Restaurant. Call us Lounge and Cocktail Bar. Or just called us “The Lounge.” But whatever you call us, we welcome you and hope that you call us your to-go spot. Anytime. All the time.

We will see you here.

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